Class 05

Robin Rhode:

* Presentations of final projects, no rx documentation, photos and data visualization sketches.

* Mark Jenkins speed projects.

– Tutorial by Mark here:
Off The Roll Contest

Homework (Next class is Nov. 25th):

1) Two developed concept sketches for your final project. Successful projects will identify and exploit a unique urban condition. Come to class prepared to present two different ideas in photoshop sketch form. Talk about both your projects as well as how it will be documented and exist online. The more visual evidence of your project that you are able to present, store the more likely you are to receive useful and meaningful feedback from me and your peers. You will only have one week after this class to produce your project, so use your time wisely in preparing for this presentation.

2) Present your completed data visualization of your graffiti photos collection.

Rest of semester overview:
– Between now and next class (Nov. 25th) I will be available via email and skype to give feedback on final project ideas / directions. Your are highly encouraged to take advantage of this.

– Nov. 25th – Come to class with fully fleshed out final project proposals, treatment as well as photo data visualizations. You should be leaving this class ready to move forward and go into production.

– Dec. 2nd – Final projects completed and presented in class.

– Dec. 9th – Final projects completed with final documentation and published online.

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