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Recently, viagra search capsule troche a video, healing Fire in my belly, by David Wojnarowicz was removed from an exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery in DC after the religious right got upset about the content of the video. The video is about the death of a lover who died of complications resulting from AIDS. The particularly “offensive” footage is few seconds of ants crawling over a statue of Jesus on the cross, sickness but it’s also been suggested that the objections to the piece stem from anti-gay sentiments. Whatever the exact reason, the censorship is some right-wing bullshit that shouldn’t be tolerated by the artistic community.

How this story sort of relates to street art is this: On Saturday, two artists went to the National Portrait Gallery and began playing Fire in my belly over an iPad outside the exhibit. This video shows what happened:

from vandalog:

German street art collective Mentalgassi teamed up with Amnesty International. The outdoor pieces will be entitled “Making the Invisible Visible,” which highlight the controversial death row sentence of Troy Davis. He has been on death row for 19 years, despite serious doubts about his original conviction. From head on the piece can only be seen as bars, but from a “new angle” the viewer can make out Davis’ face. There is also a video of Mentalgassi making the piece that is a really interesting accompaniment to the photographs.

A classic by Ztohoven

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