Class 03

The Week in Urban Hacking….

From Bombing Science

Eine Alphabet timelapse from Make Some Tea on Vimeo.

All City Blog (.fr):

Operation Rooftop: Reduce carbon. Rethink your transport
envoyé par Fight_Carbon. – Découvrez plus de vidéos créatives.

Making Future Magic: iPad light painting from Dentsu London on Vimeo.

(Quote from here)

– Go over: as introduction to photo taking.

– Go over photos:
(I can start –

– Informal presentations / discussions / brain storming surrounding Sticker Project ideas.


Overview of documentation and Viral Media:
* Five Rules For How To Make Things Go Viral ~ Jonah Peretti
* Jonah Peretti Viral Meetup Slides
* 11 Rules For Getting Famous On The Internet By Me
* How To Go Viral ~BuzzFeed
* How To Get On BuzzFeeds Front Page ~BuzzFeed
* Suggest A Link ~BoingBoing

– In class working session on final projects in preparation of 4 week break.

Style Wars documentary, in class screening.

F.A.T. Paris! – Come join tomorrow!

– Come to class prepared to present your final Sticker Projects. Final projects will be turned in as a single blog post on the course website BEFORE the start of class. Your post must include:
* A clever and highly “click-able” title
* At least 2-3 sentences of well crafted, witty and descriptive text.
* An embedded photo, series of photos or video (depending on your project).

Email at least two popular blogs your project info (title, description & photos / video). Pick websites with related content that might find your project interesting (WoosterCollective should most likely be on your list). Read BoingBoing’s Suggest A Link for the best practices of contacting blog editors.

Along with your final project come to class prepared to present a set of at least 12 related photos (20-30 ideal) of graffiti, street art, or urban hacking from your daily travels in Paris. These photos should be uploaded to a single folder inside of folder on the class photo page (e.g.

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