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Entree Libre

Thursday morning at 5 am, sick me and my friend Matilda woke up. We called each other, full of excitement, to make sure our alarms had gone off. Our plan was to meet at the station where we were to catch our shuttle bus for our flight to Barcelona. We had been looking forward to this for a few months now. At separate stations, drugstore we were both the first to hop on the Paris subway as soon as it opened. As I am waiting for the transfer train, viagra I start to panic. I might might the shuttle. I message my friend to save me a seat. The transfer train was late due to strikes. I finally made it to the station and I get a call from Matilda. She is stuck in the metro tunnels which is being held up due to the strike.

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Parisians really are assholes.

The stereotype of french people in general is that they usually are “assholes” in layman’s terms! But parisians have always been in a league of there own! I’m a swedish design student studying in paris and lately I’ve been noticing these hilarious stickers around in paris, but I didn’t think much of it other than it was funny as hell until I went to the Centre Pompidou the other day when I saw this: